Esprit Manager is one of the pioneers in "transforming experiences into skills”.

Since 2008, together with our Canadian partner, we have been successfully providing efficient leadership development for middle managers based on their experiences in the field. 
Based on our know-how, we have developed the "Direction of Managerial Experience" concept, which focuses on the dynamic of management renewal to help companies during times of transformation.

 Learning from experience will never be a bad experience again

The plateform for

developing leadership skills

through experiences



  • Dominique

    “I have noticed that I’ve been feeling irritated less and less. (…) Although the situation in our department after the new organization is hard to cope with. The training came just at the right time. (...) So when I get irritated, I feel that my negativity cools down faster. I still have good room for improvement but I think that I have made significant progress.
    I’ve noticed that because I get less irritated and I’m calmer, my colleague now takes more initiative and works more efficiently”

  • Jean Pierre Lincot, World Operations HR Manager , Essilor

    At last, a practical and efficient approach to develop the behavioural skills of every individual! Esprit Manager has found the method to help each participant move on from the phase of understanding that they have to improve their behaviour to a stage of real and lasting change. Many years of research, interactions in the field and the constant objective to continue progress in this area, this is what motivates us to continue developing our partners’ skills.


Credits Transforms acquired...


words written... managers through their experiences processes.

... in the experience logbooks.

Testimonials of participants

What are the motivating factors which encouraged you to start this programme?



"Because I saw very quickly that it could help me in my professional and personal everyday life."

"To understand why my manager was (very) dissatisfied with my work"

"In order to become truly aware of my weaknesses.
Each person reacts differently when faced with the same situation; here I will be able to learn from my own responses and not from generalities."

"Nevertheless, the approach provides a clear path to follow, a defined directive that is valid in all circumstances, which is rather re-assuring. The diagram “learn from your experiences” is stuck in my diary ... and will accompany me for many years to come..."

What are the motivating factors that encouraged you to continue your process by taking up challenges and doing exercises involving reflection ?



"Yes, I took some real examples from my own experience. Actually, I was able to work on them and start over again and again. I think that the paraphrasing exercise is a good example of my path process.."

"My manager noted a significant change in my attitude (with regards to the 3 axes of my work) immediately after I'd begun the first phase of the 'Esprit Manager' course' "

I feel I have made a great deal of progress thanks to the written exercises, sharing this approach (friends and family): Preparation / Reflection / Lessons learned".

"I think that I have changed the way I look at approaching some situations."

"The objective has been reached because now I listen to certain people who used to stress me before I even went to talk to them."

"The improvements observed during the course path encouraged me to continue with this training programme."

"Now I think more before I act. As before I tended to react spontaneously without considering the impact of my words or my behaviour. Now I am calmer and less confrontational and susceptible."

In your course, what were you most satisfied with ?



"The fact that I could see that I was putting into practice the methods learned during the exercises “live” and that colleagues who followed the path course, could express this to me...
The final customer survey satisfaction is extremely satisfying from my point of view"

"I am rather satisfied with the method. Its length also enabled me to better manage my emotions."

"I think that I have changed the way I look at approaching some situations."

"The improvements observed during the training process encouraged me to continue with this training programme."

"The writing process gives you something to refer to when you find yourself in the same types of situations, which helps you avoid the pitfalls and formalize details."

"They were able to provide exercises that were particularly adapted to my own situation as an ex-pat, as I work with people who are used to functioning in quite a different way than my own."

"The exercises and activities were always relevant and related to the skills that I needed to develop. In addition to that, given that I had a choice between several challenges/exercises, I' never felt overwhelmed by the difficulty of the activities"

"The challenges were rich and enlightening, whether they dealt with learning new methods or understanding more about how I make my own decisions".

It is, in particular, the fact of having to explain verbally, what the result of the challenges were, that helped me move ahead and ask myself the right questions"

"This method was totally new to me. Instinctively, I have a tendency to take action first, and I was able to notice that the same causes repeatedly produced the same effects. I knew how to avoid certain traps, but having not learned from my experience, the same problems arose... several times"


  • DHL
  • ISS

Searching for results...

Training is not transformation


companies are still helpless when faced with the post training period which is a crucial stage to fix the learned knowledge into real life.



"So it’s about thinking differently: starting from genuine situations which are experiences that each manager goes through every day, considering them as opportunities to develop a behaviour, a skill.
Just as appropriate individually as for a team, with the goal of sharing experience.

It’s a question of, “transforming experiences into skills”.

Pascal Pelissier, Esprit Manager

At least two main reasons drive companies to turn towards training programs based on experiences :

  • Aiming at efficiency

  • Cutting direct and indirect managerial training costs

 • They are seeking efficiency

• Efficiency for training is quite rarely evaluated and often done by asking the trainees for satisfaction levels; actually efficiency can also be measured by observing the change in behaviours, the impact made on the trainee and their environment, the achievement of pertinent previously defined goals

• By the sustainable nature of the change which results in an easier follow-up

• By a greater number of managers motivated to develop their skills (each at his own pace, according to needs)

 Cutting costs

• Less time consuming

• More managers trained efficiently

• Talking in terms of "background tasks"

Demands and results....

An Esprit Manager process is demanding; but the results will follow suit

  • Leadership
  • Efforts
  • Time

Developing your leadership, developing skills requires effort and time.

Effort because learning a new behaviour, a new skill means you have to step back, reflect, act and practise and keep practicing; this cannot be achieved without effort and a certain sense of humility.

Time because the fact that you can instantly access data bases of various sorts (as documents, videos, tutorials, role plays....) may give the impression that acquisition is transformation.

Impact on company HR reflection

Developing soft skills can result in consequences for the conception of training plans
What are they ?
Simplifying and reducing the number of training programs  Developing internal collaboration

About us

  • Laurent Blondeau
    Responsable communication et médias

    Laurent joined us in 2015 and is working on developing our communication and the presence of Esprit Manager in media, particularly on social networks. As a senior in management, he collaborates to spread the word on innovation and management.

    Executive MBA HEC

  • Robert Coppenrath
    Canadian Human Resources firm, a reference in skills development for the last 30 years. He assists large companies (in Canada, the USA, Asia and France...) with mastering and optimizing their HR processes.
  • Pascal Pelissier
    Associate director
    Founder of “Esprit Manager” in partnership with Robert Coppenrath&Associates (Canada) He has long experience in service companies management sector “B to B” and has dealt with the development of leadership for “middle managers” PhD in management (Paris Dauphine), MBA from INSEAD Jury member "Les Espoirs du Management"
  • Frederick Tobin
    Frederick has developed a solid expertise in executive coaching and organisational development with companies such as Bombardier Aerospace, Desjardins and MDA Corporation. He also works with companies to significantly increase employee engagement. He is recognized for his superior communication skills and interpersonal relationships. Based in Montreal, Frederick furthers our relationships with our clients in Canada and the United States. He holds an MBA from McGill University, in Montreal

Consultants and partners

Consultants is a collaboration platform open to consultants from within or outside the company.

Trained in the teaching method "transforming experiences into skills" they can work with managers in developing their skills

For any further information or to obtain the "Information Guide: role, selection and training of an Esprit Manager process consultant"

Get in touch à :


In order to deal with the HR issues companies are facing, we put forward some thoughts with partners recognised for their expertise.

Impact Partner

Firm specialized in assisting and dealing with complex situations as well as transition management.

Founded by Jacques de Chaunac, HR Manager for the last 30 years for large international companies or organizations (Henkel, Nike, cegid, Dekra ...) this firm combines a long operational experience in human resources development and in organisations with a new style of setting up companies and protecting the environment


Les Espoirs du Management

In this way we have created a database with several managerial initiatives which can contribute to the reflections of our customers.

Founded by Charles van Haecke and for 10 years now we have been meeting and proposing innovative managerial procedures which are of great benefit to employees and to the company, and which are reproducible and inspiring in other companies



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