We have been successfully providing efficient leadership development for managers

based on their experiences in the field.

Companies are still helpless when faced with the post training period which is a crucial stage to fix the learned knowledge into real life.

Whether you are a big company or a pool of SMEs, your managers will develop their competencies according to their needs, at their rhythms either individually or in a group.

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For every $ invested in the leadership development, with MibyMe you will have a better feedback on your “managerial trainings” investments.

Why ?

  • Managerial competencies mainly result from experiences, which is where the rule of 70 (experiences) – 20 (feedback) – 10 (training) stems from. MibyMe directly influences all of these success factors.
  • All the trainings are transformed into action in the workplace of the manager. 
  • MibyMe is complementary (and not in addition) to every existing training approach and development of competencies
  • MibyMe’s efficiency in organizing and monitoring at a distance: each manager chooses his moments for MibyMe, never at the detriment of his operational requirements.
  • The individualized development and the group dynamics topics chosen by the managers will increase motivation and transformation.
  • Relationship with the manager’s reality: all the experiences carried out by the managers are always in relations with the real-life situations.

HR Testimonials

Jean Pierre Lincot, World Operations HR Manager, ESSILOR

At last, a practical and efficient approach to develop the behavioural skills of every individual!

Esprit Manager has found the method to help each participant move on from the phase of understanding that they have to improve their behaviour to a stage of real and lasting change.

Many years of research, interactions in the field and the constant objective to continue progress in this area, this is what motivates us to continue developing our partners’ skills.

Jacques Ziouziou, HR Director Labour Relations&social; Transformation for Europe

A social transformation programme around 5 levers was implemented within NEXANS in the Europe zone.
Managerial practises represent a vital contributor on the level of employees’ involvement.
We considered that the middle management should deserve our full attention since it represents a key population and also because it has been inadequately accompanied to carry out its managerial mission.
It appeared clearly that classical Managerial training could not answer the needs of efficient development of managerial techniques
The innovative approach proposed by Esprit Manager fully meets the specifications, striking a balance between the use of digital tools and the direct individual and collective contact.
The two “pilots” that we launched in two of our plants have given some very positive results and have received a very positive feedback from the participants.
We will, therefore, include the approach proposed by Esprit Manager as an integrated plan of development of managerial practises.

Credits Transforms acquired...

...by managers through their experiences processes.

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... in the experience logbooks.

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Managers' reviews

An Esprit Manager process is demanding; but the results will follow suit


Developing your leadership, developing skills requires effort and time.


Efforts because learning a new behaviour, a new skill means you have to step back, reflect, act and practise and keep practicing; this cannot be achieved without effort and a certain sense of humility.


Time because the fact that you can instantly access data bases of various sorts (as documents, videos, tutorials, role plays....) may give the impression that acquisition is transformation.

As soon as MibyMe is referenced by a company, each manager will have the possibility to know if MibyMe is made for him/her before enrolling for the training.

portrait pascal pelissier

Pascal Pelissier
Associate director

Founder of “Esprit Manager”. He has long experience in service companies management sector “B to B” and has dealt with the development of leadership for “middle managers”. PhD in management (Paris Dauphine), MBA from INSEAD, Professional mediator

portrait frederick tobin

Frederick Tobin

Frederick has developed a solid expertise in executive coaching and organisational development with companies such as Bombardier Aerospace, Desjardins and MDA Corporation. He also works with companies to significantly increase employee engagement. He is recognized for his superior communication skills and interpersonal relationships. Based in Montreal, Frederick furthers our relationships with our clients in Canada and the United States. He holds an MBA from McGill University, in Montreal

Portrait Cécile Gendre

Cécile Gendre
Digital project leader

As a linguist and a communicator, Cécile manages MibyMe’s development. She accompanies Esprit Manager in their choice of digital tools and helps them with integration of teaching tools and materials. INALCO - IESA MultimediaINALCO, IESA, Paris | www.vie-digitale.com

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